Melissa Levey

Melissa has lived on the Costa Brava for over 50 years and is the driving force behind the development of the CBH and has been involved in the setting up of the Anglican Church in the Costa Brava. Melissa has been a volunteer for the hospice in the UK and trained by Vinyana. 


Brigit Van den Steene 


Brigit is a trained nurse very experienced in end of life care in the home. From Holland, Brigit has lived and worked in Catalonia for many years. Brigit has also trained with Vinyana. 


Phil Fleming

Phil is a businesswoman living on the Costa Brava since 2003 where she runs her own company. She has set up businesses both in her native Ireland and in Spain. Phil was active in community work particularly in the area of rural development in Southern Ireland before coming to live in Aiguablava. 


David Hurley

David was an early member of the U3A Costa Brava and served as treasurer and Vice-President he is now auditor. He is a qualified chartered accountant. David is the current treasurer for the Anglican Church on the Costa Brava. He has a knowledge of charitable trusts, banking systems and tax law both in the UK and Catalonia. 


Tew Bunnag

Tew is one of the founders of Vinyana and has many years experience of accompanying the dying including working in a hospice in his native Bangkok. He provides training and support to both health professionals and volunteers who support people at the end of life as well as their families. He gives workshops all over Spain as well as the UK and Greece. He is an adviser to various groups working in this field.  

Andreu Garriga 

Andreu is a lawyer based in Girona with an interest in the hospice. Andreu has advised and consulted on the setting up the Costa Brava Hospice Association and all that legally entails. He also assists legally the Anglican Church of the Costa Brava, based in Corçà (Girona). His office in Girona deals mainly with conveyancing on properties for foreign clients and professional cyclists.

Mar Lopez 

Mar is Vinyana trained with experience in accompanying the dying. Mar is a medical doctor and dentist with

a practice in Girona. She will also be pro active in training volunteers to work in the hospice system.

María Asunción Cortés Barrera


Susy was previously Associate Professor at the Miguel Hernandéz University. She is a Medical Rehabilitation professional currently working at the University Hospital of Elche where she is on the Palliative Care Committee and is Coordinator of the Neuro-muscular Diseases committee. She coaches health personnel and hospital residents in bad news communication. As a member of the Vinyana Association Susie teaches all aspects of Vinyana support both spiritual and practical including care of the carer. She will train all members of the Hospice staff.

Nuria Clavera Plana

Nuria, until very recently, was a lawyer and accountant in Palafrugell. Since her retirement Nuria has decided to dedicate some of her time to service in the community and has taken on the task of Gestor for the Hospice. She advises on the structure of the project from both a financial and legal standpoint.


Mercedes Guilera Roche 

Mercedes is based in Barcelona and is a volunteer who is Vinyana trained. Mercedes is actively raising

awareness of the hospice in Barcelona.

Gabi Pinea

Gabi is from Argentina and lives and works in Catalonia. She is also trained by Vinyana and is experienced in accompanying the dying through Hospice in the home.  

Janet Gladstone

Janet has lived in Madremanya for over 20 years and is an active supporter of the hospice. Janet is a creative artist whose gardening talents will greatly enhance the overall well being and experience of any visitors to the hospice.

Lujan Comas Arroyo 

Lujan is a medical doctor and a anaesthetist specialising in cardiac surgery. Based in Barcelona. She is also a well known author. Lujan worked as an assistant doctor at Vall d'Hebron Hospital for 32 years. In addition to other specialties such as Homeopathy, Neural Therapy, Sintergética and Holistic Medicine where the important thing is not a diagnosis but the person who has that diagnosis, with what they feel, think, desire, and helps to restore the balance of thought, emotion and body physical. 

Eliane Grigg

Eliane and Anthony Grigg have lived on the Costa Brava since the 60's. They are strong supporters of the

hospice on the Costa Brava and have been networking on behalf of this project in order to raise awareness

of the services CBH will provide to those in need.

Hugh Mulcahy

Hugh is CEO and a trustee of CRY an humanitarian charitable organisation helping to raise awareness of young sudden cardiac death, including sudden arrhythmic death syndrome. CRY was established in May 1995.

Hugh has been advising on the business development of the Costa Brava Hospice as a charitable entity. 

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